36 exp May 28, 2017

Today I had to travel to Jordan, so I missed a lot of shooting time sitting in taxis and buses and going through border control where cameras are frowned upon. I took a long walk […]


36 exp May 27, 2017

The highlight of today was seeing the toddler in the hijab at the entrance to the Western Wall who was so cute that she was stopping people in their tracks no matter their age or […]


36 exp May 26, 2017

Today was not my best effort, and it shows. Between a long run in the morning (where I may or may not have broken a toe), and some scrambling around to stock the pantry before […]


36 exp May 25, 2017

I felt a lot of pressure kicking off this project and waiting to download the photos from the camera to see if my exposures and timing would be on the mark. I was happy to […]


36 exp May 24, 2017


The 36 Exposure Challenge

As part of a constant quest to push my creativity, I decided to step back in time to the film days. Well, maybe not all the way back to the film days–I really don’t have the […]